TD Credit Card Login: How To Manage Your Credit Card Account

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TD Credit Card Login: How To Manage Your Credit Card Account

To access CreditView you must first enroll in TD Bank personal online services and accept the personal Online Banking Service Agreement. If you already have a TD Credit Card account you can manage it on the TD Credit Card login portal. Just follow the steps in this post to manage your online account.

You can manage your card, set up alerts and online statements, view and redeem rewards, See transactions, pay your bill directly from your TD Checking account and check your credit score with free VantageScore. To do this, you must first of all Log in to Online Banking to manage your card.

You can manage your credit card account through TD Online and Mobile Banking. Simply log in and select your credit card account to:

  • View your credit card current balance, statement balance and available credit
  • View your rewards balance
  • See your minimum amount due
  • Find out when your next payment is due
  • Make a payment via transfer from your TD checking or savings accounts
  • View your account activity
  • View your payment status
  • View your past due amount
  • View your credit limit
  • View your account opened date

You can select your credit card account and select ‘Manage Card’ to:

  • Make a payment from an external checking or savings account
  • Access 24 months of statements
  • Turn off paper statements
  • Manage account alerts
  • Lock/Unlock your credit card
  • Order a replacement credit card
  • Add an authorized user
  • Update your personal information for your credit card

Or select ‘Redeem Rewards’ to:

  • View and redeem your rewards

TD Credit Card Login Steps

You can Log in to Online Banking to manage your credit card account online.

TD Credit Card Login Steps

To access your online banking banking account please see >> TD Bank Login: How To Get Access To Your Account

How To Make a Payment on Your TD Credit Card

There are a few ways you can make a credit card payment through TD Online and Mobile Banking. You can

Choose to Make a Transfer which helps you move money from your TD checking or savings account to your TD credit card. Just follow the steps below to transfer at least the minimum amount due and take care of your monthly payment. 

  • Select the Transfers option
  • Choose Between My TD Accounts and choose Make a Transfer.
  • Select the payment source in the From drop down and where the money should go in the To drop down.
  • Enter the Amount you’d like to transfer. 
  • Review the transfer details carefully. If everything’s good, click Complete. Note: It’s important to only click ‘Complete’ once.
  • Once you schedule an immediate internal transfer to a credit card account, you can’t cancel or reverse it. If you scheduled the transfer for a future date, you can cancel the transfer before the transfer date.

Or you can log in, select your credit card account, choose ‘Manage Card’ then ‘Make a Payment’

  • You can choose to pay the minimum payment, your last statement balance, current balance or other amount. 
  • Complete all fields with your payment and account info.

How To View or Redeem Your Credit Card Rewards

Quick access to view your most up to date credit card rewards balance can be found on TD Online and Mobile Banking. Simply log in and select your Credit Card account.

To redeem your credit card rewards, navigate to your Credit Card account and choose ‘Redeem Rewards’.

If you require assistance with the TD Bank mobile app or have a question, please contact their live Customer Service 24/7 at 1-888-751-9000.

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