Mysagepay Login: How To Make Payments, and Other Details

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Mysagepay Login: How To Make Payments, and Other Details

Get ready to know to know more about Mysagepay Login. Mysagepay get online payments through debit cards and credit cards with Sage Pay in the United Kingdom.

About Mysagepay.

Opayo is the new name for Sage Pay. They are one of the UK’s most trusted payments providers, helping businesses grow and accept payments from customers. In 2019, their gateway processed £40bn worth of card payments for over 50,000 merchants, online and in-store. 

They changed their name because they were recently acquired by Elavon – a big name in payments and a subsidiary of U.S. Bank. 

This great news means they can offer an even richer suite of services. Soon, merchants will be able to accept more payment types from customers; opening up greater opportunities to grow and creating better, more personalised experiences.

But some important aspects of their business won’t change at all. You’ll still enjoy the five-star service reflected in their Trustpilot ratings – with their knowledgeable team just a phone call away, at any time of the day or night. 

They have always been proud of their security, reliability, and amazing customer support. And with their transformation into Opayo, they have adding new levels of technological innovation – opening up their customers’ businesses to the world and everyone in it.  

Benefits Of Mysagepay

Service. Transparency. Trust.
For almost two decades their have provided the tools to help businesses grow, supported by the service and expertise to give peace of mind. They believe in inclusive packages and clear, transparent pricing to help you face the future with confidence.

Support, anytime. Even at 3.42am. 
Their UK-based team are there for you, day and night, on the phone, via email, and through social media. They also offer a huge selection of helpful resources through their website.

Security you can rely on.
Merchants can’t afford the distractions associated with fraud. They have earned PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, the highest possible level of card data security. They continuously invest in the latest technology and testing and are proud to offer enhanced fraud screening. They worry about your payment security, so you don’t have to.
Like a second opinion?
Here are over 2,000 of them. They are Trustpilot’s highest-rated payment provider – and although their name has changed, their service is identical. 

Here Are The Exciting Future Of Mysagepay

Here are the list of an exciting future of Mysagepay incase you if are not aware before. Let it be know to you right now. There are exciting changes taking place here at Opayo. As you may know, They have been acquired by Elavon, a big name in payments and a subsidiary of U.S. Bank. Elavon is a customer-focused company who are helping businesses, such as you, succeed in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

You can take a look to list below.

Jul 2020:

Sage Pay becomes Opayo by Elavon.

Oct 2019:

Sage Pay is accredited by all the major banks for 3D Secure version 1.

Feb 2018:

Sage Pay supports online PIN for fuel cards.

Oct 2016:

Sage Pay launches Pi; a simple way to integrate in three steps. REST API and JSON available via simple Drop In Checkout or Build Your Own Form integration.

Feb 2012:

Sage Pay enters the card machine payment market by acquiring Integral Computers Ltd.

Nov 2006:

Sage acquires Protx to provide a broader range of business services to small businesses, to link and integrate merchant services with back-office accounting, stock control, and CRM applications.


Protx founded with a vision of providing simple and safe online payments services to small and medium-sized businesses.

How To Setting up an Account/ Apply

New to the world of payments? Looking to switch payment providers? They are here to help you every step of the way. Find all the essential information on what you need to do to set up your account and start processing payments.

Here are the three things you have to get in mind when setting up your account


See information on how to set up an account with Opayo

Here Are What You Need To Do

Before you can start using their services you will need to ensure your business has everything in place that is needed to process transactions.

If you do not have the all of the requirements you will not be able to link your Elavon Financial Services DAC Accounts and Opayo account together.

Once you have everything in place you will then be able to link your Elavon Financial Services DAC Accounts software with your Opayo account.

Merchant Account –

A merchant number is required for you to be able to process transactions through your Elavon Financial Services DAC account.  

Without a merchant number you will actually be able to accept any transactions.

If you do not have a Merchant Account they can help you with that.  Have a look at our merchant account services page for all of the information you need about the service they can provide to you..

Elavon Financial Services DAC Accounts – 

In order to use the Invoice Payment services you will first need to obtain a copy of the Elavon Financial Services DAC Accounts product.

If you do not have a copy of Elavon Financial Services DAC Accounts you will not be able to process any transactions.

To order a copy of Elavon Financial Services DAC Accounts please call the Elavon Financial Services DAC Sales team on 0800 923 0344.

Opayo – 

If you are a Elavon Financial Services DAC Accounts user and would like to start using Invoice Payments you will need to obtain a Opayo account.

To apply for a Opayo account all you will need to do is call our Sales team on 0845 111 4466 who will be able to help you get your application started.

We will be able to help you with your merchant account along with getting yourself a Opayo account.

2>>Set Up

To set up an account with them you must have merchant account number

When applying for an account with them you must obtain a merchant number in order for your account to work.

They are approved to work with a number of merchant banks and before you can accept payments through your website or over the telephone you will need to set up your merchant account.

Alongside their merchant account services they are also able to support merchant numbers from any bank you chose as your choice.


When a transaction is processed through your account, it must be sent for settlement for the funds to be credited into your account


When a transaction is processed through your account, it must be sent for settlement for the funds to be credited into your account

When a transaction is processed through your account, it must be sent for settlement for the funds to be credited into your account.

Settlement is the process that is carried out between us and the banks that will move the funds from your shoppers account into your own.

When does settlement happen?

At the end of each day (roughly midnight) all transactions processed through your account for the previous day are collected into a batch.  This batch is then sent to your bank for settlement.

What is a batch?

A batch is a collection of all of your transactions for any given day.  The batch is a total of all of your transactions that have been settled.

Only successfully settled transactions will be given a batch number.  Transactions that have not settled will not be part of a batch.

How do I check my settlement?

If you want to see your settlement totals you can by logging into your mysagepay account and selecting the transactions tab, followed by settlement.

You will then be given a list of your settlement totals by batch number.

If you want to see the transactions that are included in each batch, just click on the batch number to be shown the breakdown.

When do I receive my money?

It all depends, after settlement has taken place the funds are moved from your shopper’s accounts into your merchant account.

They will then need to clear into your business bank account.

The funds normally take 3-5 working days to clear into your account.  This is agreed between you and your merchant bank and can vary.

If you have any questions about the time it takes to receive your funds we can only advise you to contact your merchant bank.  They will then be able to answer any questions you may have about the time it takes for the funds to clear into your account.

How To Login/ Mysagepay Login Steps:

After registering your Mysagepay online account access or if you are an existing customer then the next steps would be to log in to your Mysagepay account online in order to make your Mysagepay payments.

The administration log in details for Test MySagePay and Live MySagePay are identical.  Be sure to log in the correct environment.  The administration log in details are sent by email to our vendors when their account is initially set up.  If you’re a developer, you will need to ask the vendor to share the log in details with you.  Our log in details are made up of Vendor name, Username and Password.  

Things to be aware of

  • The vendor name will always remain the same
  • The username and password are specific to each account.  A vendor may have multiple accounts.
  • If you have created a user in Test MySagePay, it will not automatically be created in Live MySagePay

To log in to your Crate And Mysagepay  account through this link:

Mysagepay Login: How To Make Payments, and Other Details

To complete your login to your account kindly put down your account details such as

  • Vendor Name
  • Username
  • Password
    • as a first time login mark this box, to remember your login details next time
  • Then click on Sign In

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How To Contact Mysagepay Customer Service Care:

If you need additional assistance, contact Customer Care.

Customer Care Number: 0191 313 0299/ 0191 313 0300

Existing customers can contact their dedicated UK based support team 24 7 @OpayoSupport ; Looking for more information about their partner programme ? Get in touch

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